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Phonics and Spelling

Phonics is the primary method used to teach children to read and write across KS1. In Year 1 we have a 20 minute session everday. In these sessions we systematically go through the 'Phases' of the sounds; 2 to 5, which allows the children to learn the letter sounds in a clearly defined sequence with increasing difficulty, gradually blending (put together) bigger and longer words. In order to learn a new word children will segment the sounds in the order that they appear, blend it and resay it fully. In order to spell a new word they listen to the sounds they hear when saying it aloud, segment the sounds and write them down. At Middleforth we follow a scheme called Phonics Bug - Bug Club; which links to the home reading books. 

An outline of expected learning in spelling in KS1 can be found in the National Curriculum (see below). There is also some sound mats, tricky words (which don't sound how they read) and high frequency words for you to practice with your child at home. 



At Middleforth we try to promote a love of reading, valuing it's importance in everyday life. We use a reading scheme that links  with the teaching of phonics, by using Bug Club books. Children are encouraged to read daily at home and in school; in which daily reading activites include shared reading session, where we dive deeper into the comprehension of a book, reading on a one-to-one basis with staff, which helps to imporve fluency and actively chosing books to read during 'busy time', where the children have the choice of a book they like from the class libary, and whole class story time. 

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