Our Aims and Values

Middleforth Church of England Primary School is a school committed to ensuring pupils receive a high quality education.  This reflects a caring, committed attitude, which helps all adults and children achieve the highest possible standards.

 At Middleforth every individual is valued for who they are and what they contribute to the school.  Christian Values and British Values provide the principles that drive behaviour, influence our actions and attitudes and become our scaffold for life.  They influence our relationship with ourselves, others and our society.

 The Christian Values and British Values promoted at Middleforth are values which are important within our Christian school community and which will be important throughout life.  They underpin all we do in school and we strive to share, encourage and demonstrate positive values in order that our children understand them and grow to live by them.

We want the children of Middleforth Church of England Primary School to become confident, secure, responsible and caring individuals who achieve personal success, develop a commitment to lifelong learning and have the potential to shape and direct their own futures.

In order to do this, we aim to provide a curriculum which is not just about subjects.  We present our curriculum through high quality care, welfare, learning and teaching.  Through this vision, we encourage our pupils to learn, grow and achieve as unique individuals learning together!

As a caring, Christian community, we aspire to ‘let our light shine’. We will open up the world to celebrate God’s wonderful creation and foster a sense of awe and wonder.
We will nurture our God given talents to ensure that everyone reaches their full potential academically, socially and spiritually.
‘Let your light shine Matthew 5.16’

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Middleforth Primary School

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