3C's Ethos Group

Caring Christian Children

Purpose of the Group
A very warm welcome to the 3'C's!   We are a group of children in Key Stage 2 who meet together once a week.  The sessions are led by Father Nick, Mrs Mansfielf and Rev Janet. Mrs Pilkington also joins us to hear about our projects. Our aim is to promote the Christian values that we learn about at Middleforth both within our school, our local community and the wider world. Many of the members who were in the group last year will be staying on for another year to help develop 3C's and share what they have learnt with younger members of the group.

Current Projects

  • Planning worship for school and Church
  • Making and dleivering Christmas cards for people within the community e.g. Sheltererd Accomodcation and Care Homes as pary of Cards for Kindness Christmas Campaign.
  • Creating payer books/boxes for each class to teach children the importance or using our sences within prayer


November Activities

9 November 2022
3C’s played a “getting to know you” game as it was the first session of the new group.
We learned about SYNERGY – that means that when we work together we can achieve so much more than each of us could do individually.  Rev Janet explained it with a story of how two cart h0rses working together could pull more weight than each one managed separately.
We then had some time to discuss and write down ideas of things that 3C’s could be involved in in 
School, like charity fundraising, helping with worship and making community inks.16 Nov 2022
We started making Christmas cards to give to elderly residents in the local sheltered housing scheme.  We also looked at the assembly on Trust and started working on making silent communication using our hands only.

23 Nov 2022
We continued making cards, completing 24. We looked again at communicating with signs and hands for the assembly next week.  We are going to sing a song that uses sign language too.

30 Nov 2022
Father Nick spoke about the meaning of advent.  We made countdown to Christmas snowmen, one for every class.  We made some larger cards with Nativity scenes to give to the care home, so they could put one in each lounge.




Past Projects

  • Fundraising for a community centre in Uganda with the charity Seeds of Grace.
  • Attended the children's Diocesan conference.
  • Supported the Church in designing a tree for the Christmas Tree Festival.
  • We made and delivered a card  to a lovely lady in our community who turned 102!
  • To launch our new Christian values.
  • To set-up a consultation on our new Christian values.
  • To meet with fabric artist to design our new liturgical bunting, stage cover and prayer pocket.
  • Set up a worship welcomers team.
  • Plan and lead worship.
  • Collate and present Worship around the world summer challenge display.
  • Attend Children's Ethos Conference.
  • Attend Multi-cultural Christianity conference.
  • Evaluate worship.
  • Discussing Christian distinctiveness within the school.
  • Performing at the Mince Pies and Tea afternoon for members of the school and local community.
  • Conduct a whole school survey based on Christian values.
  • To design a pebble to celebrate the anniversary of the laying of the foundation stone at St. Leonard's Church.
  • To evaluate prayer in school in the context of worship and how this can become more child led.
  • To evalute worship in school and discuss ways this can become more child led.
  • To support the Bishops Harvest Appeal.

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