Parent Questionnaires

Review of parent questionnaires 2019


We received responses for adults representing 103 children in school which is approximately a 50% response rate.



Strongly agree



Strongly disagree

Not answered

My child is happy at Middleforth

73     71%

29     28%

1      1%



My child feels safe and well looked after at Middleforth

74     72%

28     27%



1      1%

My child is making good progress at Middleforth

66      64%

37      36%




My child is taught well and school keeps me well informed about my child’s progress at Middleforth

61      59%

36      35%

4        4%


2       2%

The school helps me to support my child’s learning with appropriate homework for his/her age

61       59%

39      38%    

2       2%

1      1%


The school makes sure that the children are well behaved

60     58%

41        40%

2       2%



The school deals with any cases of bullying effectively

53    51%

36       35%



14     14%

The school is well led and managed

57      55%

45     44%




I feel I can approach the school with any concerns or questions and they will be dealt with effectively

62       61%

41     39%




The school communicates effectively with its parents

47       46%

53     51%

2    2%


1    1%





No answer given

I would recommend this school to another parent

98      95%


5     5%







What do you like most about Middleforth Church of England School?

Location, activities, teachers.

You are made very welcome and the atmosphere in school is very friendly

All staff are friendly and easy to approach.

Supportive SLT and teachers

Friendly, teachers very approachable.

High level of learning, great communication, great teachers and staff

Teaching care and communication

Friendly supportive environment

Great standard of teachers

Friendly and welcoming atmosphere

Child is happy, great teaching staff

Encourage able children to achieve beyond what is being taught. Pushing children to succeed.

I feel that my child is understood individually by the teacher when talking to them about my child. They always have a good knowledge of what my child is like what their strengths and weaknesses are.

I love the supportive and caring environment that school creates. Children are viewed holistically and and taught both academic and social skills. Both of my child’s teachers have been absolutely brilliant this year.

Child’s teacher and lots of opportunities to get involved and come into school eg Mothers Day Lunmch

I like the individual approach to each child’s learning and how they communicate with ways on which you can do this at home.

All the teachers are a credit to the school. My child’s teacher has been fantastic. My child has loved every minute of being in the school.

The supportive nurturing environment created by the staff.

Friendly staff

Both my children love school and enjoy spending time with their friends

Very much family orientated

Friendly and encouraging of children. Happy to step in when there is a problem.

I like that all staff are friendly and approachable and that every child is known for their individuality. Every childs individual needs seem to be met well.

How dedicated the staff are and how every child matters. The support my child has had throughout his 7 years has been amazing. Thank you for the support all my children have had at Middleforth over the last 12 years. We are sad that we have to move on.

The school has a lovely warm atmosphere and is a lovely place for children to learn and develop. My children has been very happy here and I would definitely recommend it to friends.

Friendly staff

My child has always been happy going to school every day. I like how there are different ways to stay up to date with the chidlren’s activities using the online diary and how the school includes parents in activities so we have an opportunity to see how the children are doing in school.

A positive and nurturing environment with plenty of educational variety.

Everyone pulls together

Nurture of pupils always. Strong ethos of building up confidence. Teacher phenomenal in supporting my children when they have found the curriculum challenging

The close knit community of the school and the friendliness and approachability of the staff. The school is not too big, it is just the right size.

We are very happy with the school and have no issues. Our child enjoys going to school and always comes home happy. They have made fantastic progress over the last 3 years.

The flexibility of before and after school club. The staff is always polite and helpful.

Christian ethos. I have found seesaw a helpful insight into the classroom .

Communication has improved since this time last year. Thank you.

Outstanding teaching.

All staff are supportive

They take the time to listen to parents throughout the day or they will come back with an answer if unsure of any queries. This is a fantastic school and all the staff are a credit. My child has enjoyed every minute.

Caring nature, focus on manners and behaviour. Welcoming environment. We have loved the seesaw app.

Let your light shine. Every child is valued regardless of their abilities

The ethos of the school.

Dedication support and hardworking teachers

Teachers are fantastic and caring. Lots of events where parents can attend nativity, may day, mum and dad lunches, bog eyed jog, sports day. And the year 6 Robinwood was excellent children looked so happy. Seesaw has been a great addition. The children seem to really enjoy all these events.

I like the high standards of behaviour and expectation that the children rise to and maintain

Caring ethos and Christian values

Good communication, good teaching and friendships good SEN team

Caring staff make time to speak to you if you have an issue

All staff are friendly and easy to approach.

Old traditions like May Day are kept going. Celebration assemblies. Friendly and approachable staff both teachers and office.

Seesaw is great.

The school helps my son

The school lives its Christian values children are welcomed into school each day

Supportive and helpful

I really enjoyed that Middleforth has opened a nursery this year and have seen my child grow with confidence. The staff have always been really helpful and good listeners when any concerns or guidance has been asked. They are very knowledgable. Cant wait to see the new nursery outdoor area.

Where do we start? The warm welcome  in the morning from staff. Nursery included in wider life of school. Seesaw. A loving family school where everyone is valued. A huge thank you to the staff, moving our child to this nursery was the best decision we have made we have watched our child grown and blossom thanks to the nurture she has received from an outstanding team. Thank you!

Very family orientated keep it up

Friendly teachers, well behaved children.

It’s a family

Transition of reception was excellent

Consistency of teacher and TA’s throughout the year

My child really enjoyed the healthy bodies/minds fortnight. Thank you for all your efforts in this. Could not have wished for a better teacher

Lots of homework to chose from, forest school, separate playground for reception, involvement of parents in school.

It is a lovely environment, everyone is so friendly. My child has thrived here

My child has been taught extremely well. We are so impressed with their outstanding progress and we cannot thank the staff enough. The sense of community and parents are given a sense of belonging. Our child has grown in confidence and is so happy at Middleforth. We are so happy with how he has been supported her. Relationships with adults (which was a concern before we started ) have had a big impact on his self esteem.

Supportive and open

Having a polite and kind child is important to me and I feel this is encouraged and celebrated.

Focus on children’s happiness, safety, care and expectations re behaviour.

Forest school is a fantastic enhancement.

Nurturing and caring environment and good learning in reception. Staff friendly. Enjoying the many traditions kept within the school.

We have enjoyed hearing how wonderful Towerwood was and we are glad our children got to go there. We were pleased with our child’s SATS results and are grateful to staff who were part of any targeted help he received during year 6. We are so glad God is at the centre of the school ethos. The consistently hard working staff in all areas of the school.

Very pleased to see the staff more relaxed and although the school is much less regimented the children feel they are able to be themselves.





How can we make Middleforth Church of England school even better?

The grounds around school need some TLC

Tidy up the grounds, get some fun things back on the agenda and be less digital. After school club is impersonal waiting at the door, it was much nicer before.

I feel that age related homework and more homework would be beneficial for parents at home and also to aid child’s work. I feel that messages about behaviour arent’ always passed back to parents unless asked. I feel there could be more extra-curricular opportunities for children to join in with

Sometimes communication can be a bit hit and miss leaving parents a little confused as to what is going on. I would have liked a parents evening before March as I didn’t know how my children were getting on. Although when I asked the teachers directly meetings were set up.

Better communiciation, eg more notice about disco’s not everyone sees the newsletter.


When there are problems between children at the school more time could be taken to sit down with those children to get to the bottom of the problem together. Communication can be poor between the office and teachers.

Effective ways of communicating with parents and plenty of notice given for events.

A better selection of gluten free meals for allergy sufferers.

All areas can always be improved

Cut down on the various ways of communication and just use one to avoid confusion.

If you offer holiday club at school that would be fantastic. Also if you offer nursery services from 1 year olds. I would like the after school club to have the option to top up for 30 minutes sessions.

I would like to see Forest school taught throughout the years.

I would welcome more opportunities to glean insights into progress.

More notice of upcoming events. Maybe a paper copy of all events.

Better communication

Allow year 1 and 2 to play on the infant playground again instead of the junior one. Have merit winners for infants as well as junior as extra incentive for good work and behaviour. Have brothers and sisters  in the same house groups as they can become upset if one gets to wear own clothes and the other doesn’t

I feel that returning to individual parents meetings at both ends of the year will help improve communication. In general I feel communication is not as effective as it was. However individual classroom doors has made quick messages to teachers much easier

Please extend forest school access. All children should enjoy the benefits of this fantastic facility.

Timeliness of communications

More parents evenings, one per term so we can find out strengths and more importantly any weaknesses we could help with at home. More environmental work ocean plastics, litter problems, balloon releases etc.

Use the forest school/gardening gang to develop care of the envirnment. Continue recycling to show the need to reuse materials.

The provider of school meals doesn’t offer healthy choices

More after school activities

Interim report

Communication around events like the disco’s is not great, we don’t always know where to collect and pick up and if we should stay or go. Please consider first time parents need a bit more basic info.

Nursery diaries were only written in once by staff so we stopped sending it in. When parents collect from after school club there is no communication at all with parents. Seesaw was some sort of diary but rarely mapped out against EYFS age banding and entry development review communicated to parents was one week prior to end of academic year leaving no time to focus at home on challenge areas. Seesaw doesn’t include section for “next steps” for parents to hear what is being focused on in school

More outdoor learning. Continued forest school in the older classes right through infants. More environmental studies. Get them involved in caring for school grounds. More teachers testing reading levels.

Improve communication with parents in regards to letters. Perhaps publish them on the website. Too many sites for payments. One football for the whole school at break? More options to use sports equipment at break/lunch please. Prom was great but could a meeting be held be held for parents to sign up to help and be briefed on what happens, photos clothing etc.

Please consider training 2 staff to be able to physically manage children as the arrival of the emergency services can cause alarm and worry. Could unpredictable behaviour be managed in house? Bring back tea and coffee on a Friday assemblies. FMS used to pay and it was a very welcome feature at the end of a long week for parents with young children.

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