Middleforth Minis is a happy, vibrant and caring nursery within Middleforth Primary School, catering for children from the age of 3 years old. Middleforth Minis Nursery was opened in September 2018, and has grown successfully over the past few years.  The children are an integral part of our Early Years unit within our school.  

Please call the school office to enquire about nusery places on  01772 746024.

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Our nursery children are taught and supported by our highly qualified early years staff: 

Ms Pearce and Miss Stritch- Reception teacher & EYFS Leads

Mrs Partington and Mrs Smith- Nursery Staff

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As well as our nursery ‘free-flow’ outdoor area, children have access to outdoor areas linked to the Reception class and will have the opportunity to engage in teaching and learning activities alongside  Reception during their time with us. Nursery children will also be provided with weekly opportunity to visit our dedicated, on-site Forest School with Mrs Partington and Mrs Smith who both have the Forest School Qualification.


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Each child is given an allocated Key Worker who will work closely with them throughout their time in Middleforth Minis. Children are planned for accordingly and childrens interests and needs are at the heart of the provision. 

Our learning environment focuses on the 'Curiosity Approach' The curiosity approach aims to give children back their freedom by igniting their natural curiosity and imagination. When adopting this teaching method, children are able to think for themselves, make their own choices, and direct their own learning. We use every day 'real' and natural resources, creating calm & tranquil plays spaces, moving away from bright colours & plastic toys. 

 'The Curiosity Approach aims to create ‘thinkers & doers’ by putting the child at the centre of their own development and education. Modern toys and technology are removed from the learning environment and replaced with everyday items to encourage children’s natural curiosity and eagerness to explore and create.

The Curiosity Approach draws from various other philosophies of early years education, including the Reggio Emilia approach, Te Whãriki, Montessori, Pikler and Steiner.''-



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