Middleforth Curriculum 
At Middleforth C E Primary School our curriculum has been designed to excite and challenge our children in a nurturing Christian environment. Our curriculum will be broad and balanced and meet the needs of all our children. 
Our curriculum will help our children develop 

We will encourage our children to explore their understanding of faith. They will have access to a daily act of worship of a Christian nature and celebrate Christian festivals throughout the year. Through RE they will also explore other faiths and will learn a respect and tolerance for those of other faiths or no faith. 

Pupils at our school will be supported to become highly articulate and use a rich vocabulary. 
The development of mature speaking and listening skills will be given a high priority. 
Pupils will be taught to speak clearly using sophisticated and expressive vocabulary.
Children will develop their confidence to communicate in different situations to a range of audiences. 
They will be given the opportunities to perform to different audiences. 
They will be given opportunities to read widely to develop their rich knowledge of language and vocabulary. 

We will encourage our children to be independent from the start of their time in school by supporting them to do things for themselves, including taking care of their own possessions. 
We will give children opportunities to take on positions of responsibility in school to develop their confidence and become leaders.
We will help our children learn how to use their own initiative in situations and think things through for themselves. 
We will set high expectations for our children to learn and think independently. 

We will have high expectations for our learners in all subjects. 
We will set ambitious, aspirational targets for all our learners. We will always look for suitable and appropriate opportunities to stretch and challenge every pupil. 
We are committed to offering high quality opportunities in sport, music and the creative arts in addition to our more academic subjects. 

Through a range of different teaching styles and learning opportunities we will provide a range of opportunities to develop imagination and creative thinking. 
We will encourage children to use prior learning to solve problems and think creatively. 
We will provide opportunities to take part in experiences beyond the classroom which inspire their creative minds. 

We will provide challenge and support the children to develop an ability to embrace this with confidence. 
Through problem solving opportunities we will provide a safe environment where children can make mistakes and get things wrong and understand this is a part of learning. 
We will support our children to turn disappointment into opportunities to develop. 
We will help our children to understand that they will experience a range of emotions, some of which may include feeling afraid, sad or scared and how to self- regulate and overcome those emotions. 
Through carefully managed conflict resolution discussions we will guide our children to learn how to manage difficult situations together. 

Please visit the subject specific pages for further information about our curriculum

Please find below explanatory notes for parents regarding the new national curriculum and assessment through Key Stage 1 and 2.

If you require any further information regarding any aspects of the curriculum please contact the school office

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