Multi-Cultural Christianity Children's Conference

Abi and Molly recently attended the Blackburn Diocese's RE Children's conference held at Blackburn Rover's Ewood Park. The title of the conference was 'Multi-Cultural Christianity' and Abi and Molly spent the day alongside friends from other schools in the diocesan learning, worshipping and discussing how our Christian faith is practised around the world. When we arrived we were warmly met by Lisa, Carole and a new friend to Middleforth Mr Stephen Whittaker who is the Direction of Education for Blackburn Diocese.  Mr Whittaker started the day off by leading worship which focused on how we can spread the word of the Lord, it involved a lot of giggles!   We made some new friends from St. Paul's Church of England Hoddleston and Ribby with Wrea.  We really enjoyed working alongside you sharing our ideas and chatting over the delicious lunch!    We ended the day with a reflective time where we remembered all those who so bravely fought at the Battle of The Somme 100 years ago.  

Many thanks to our new friends for making it such a memorable day we hope we get to see you again at the next conference!   Thank you to Lisa, Carole and Mr Whittaker for making us so welcome!