3C's Ethos Group

Caring Christian Children

Purpose of the Group
A very warm welcome to the 3'C's!  We are a group of children made up of representatives from each year group in the school.  We meet together once a month for breakfast with Mrs van Zyl. Our aim is to promote the Christian values that we learn about at Middleforth both within our school and our local community.  This year the 3C's group has expanded!   Many of the members who were in the group last year will be staying on for another year to help develop 3C's and share what they have learnt with younger members of the group.

If you have any ideas that you would like to share with the 3C's group or suggestions, please send them with your class representative, or pop them on a post it note and pin them onto the 3C's board found in the KS2 area.

Why I joined 3C's...

"I want to help the school, I want to be supportive."  Christopher, Y5.


Current Projects

To evaluate our Christian Distinctiveness.
To develop worship in school by being involved in the planning and delivery of worship.
To design our new peace garden.

Past Projects

  • Attended the children's Diocesan worship conference.
  • We made and delivered a card  to a lovely lady in our community who turned 102!
  • Carry out a survey asking our peers to describe Middleforth in one word.
  • To launch our new Christian values.
  • To set-up a consultation on our new Christian values.
  • To meet with fabric artist to design our new liturgical bunting, stage cover and prayer pocket.
  • Draw up a time table so we all get a turn to be a Worship Welcomer.
  • Evaluate worship.
  • Prepare whole school worship on Generosity.
  • Collate and present Worship around the world summer challenge display.
  • Hand out WWJD Stickers at playtimes to children displaying the Christian values.
  • Bishop Bridgeman C.E. Children's Ethos Conference.
  • Multi-cultural Christianity conference.
  • Evaluating worship.
  • Discussing Christian distinctiveness within the school.
  • Performing at the Mince Pies and Tea afternoon for members of the school and local community.
  • Making posters to promote Prayer spaces day held in school.
  • To help plan and lead whole school worship on Forgiveness.
  • To attend the Blackburn Diocesan Children's conference on worship.
  • Lead worship on Forgiveness.
  • Conduct a whole school survey based on Christian values.
  • Blackburn Diocesan Children’s Conference
  • Celebrating a 100th birthday with a member of the local community.
  • Evaluating worship.
  • Awarding WWJD badges on the playground to children displaying Christian values.

Multi Cultural Christianity Children's Conference