Parent Questionnaires

Parent Survey 2017 – summary
Thank you very much to the parents who completed the survey in July 2017 to share your views of the school with us. We have analysed the results of the survey and are pleased to share them with you.

Since the survey there have been some key staff changes in school but the new team are equally committed to ensuring that all the strengths of the school remain consistently high and developing the school as we move forward. We will send out another questionnaire in July and I hope that everyone involved will continue to feel such affection for this amazing school. Can I please ask that you speak to me at any point in the year if you have any comments or concerns regarding your child or things we do in school as feedback is really useful to help us develop the school.

Christine Adams

The majority of people responded to questions with either a 1 – strongly agree or a 2- broadly agree which gives a very positive message for the school. 100% of parents who replied said they would recommend the school to another parent.

  1. The majority of parents said their child is happy at school. We would love this to be all of our children and would ask that if this is not the case you speak to the class teacher or myself to help change this. 
  2. Everyone said they felt their child felt safe at Middleforth which is great news.
  3. The majority of parents felt their child is making good progress at school. We work very hard to ensure all of our children make good progress and as Headteacher I personally look at the progress of each child on a termly basis and more frequently if there are difficulties. Please speak to myself or the class teacher if you feel there are concerns about your child’s progress or you would like more information.
  4. The majority of parents feel their child is taught well and they know about their child’s progress. The quality of teaching in school is closely monitored through lessons observations, book scrutinies, teaching triads, external monitoring by LCC and support from Lancashire consultants.  I am delighted at the very high quality of teaching in school and how the staff constantly strive to improve standards in school. Please speak to me if you have any concerns at any time
  5. The majority of parents were happy with homework. If you would like to discuss homework, please speak to the class teacher in the first instance or myself if you still have concerns. In key stage two there is an opportunity to do homework in school at lunchtime this year which some parents have told us is helping.
  6. Everyone felt school ensures children behave well This year school have also put in place a new behaviour policy and our children are telling us they are eappreciating this new system which rewards good behaviour
  7. There were no concerns regarding bullying and several parents said this question was irrelevant as bullying isn’t an issue at Middleforth which we are delighted to hear.
  8. Everyone felt the school is well led and managed. Clearly since the questionnaire we have a new Headteacher and Deputy headteacher in post and we are both very committed to maintaining high standards in school, especially around all the positives mentioned in the questionnaires. If you have any concerns at any time please come in and meet with either of us.
  9. The majority of parents felt that school is approachable and concerns can be raised. All of the staff are committed to working together effectively with parents to help our children achieve the best they can and be as happy as they can be and we really want all of our parents to feel they can approach any of us with concerns.
  10. All parents feel we communicate effectively with parents.  We are delighted about this and want parents to feel that we have strong links with parents and communicate about children in a helpful way.