Welcome to Reception Class


Reception Class Prayer

Dear God,

As we begin our Middleforth journey please help us to make the right decisions and to keep safe as we travel through the school.  Help us to work hard and to be the best we can be.  We thank you for our classroom and outdoor learning.  We thank you for our milk, fruit and delicious lunches.  We thank you for our friends and teachers and for making us all so different but special and loved by you.



Welcome to Reception Class


Have a look around our classroom and find out about our routines


Look at us being busy in our classroom


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We want parents/carers to be involved with your child's learning at every level so have homework so that your child can share their learning from school with you at home. All children in Reception Class have a reading book which goes home everyday. The books are listened to and changed every Monday and Thursday in school but books can be changed on any day if required. Every child also has their own homework book which is sent home every Friday and due back the following Wednesday. This book contains a piece of phonics and mathematics work to complete each week. The work consolidates our learning from class that week. The children also have a 'Sharing Book' (Library book) to take home and enjoy every other week.

Number recognition and counting games


Click here for number recognition games                    Click here for number recognition and counting games    


Click here for number recognition and counting games


 Click here for number games                                    Click here for gingerbread man number games     


Addition and Subtraction games

Click here for one more/one less game


Click here for adding 1 number games                       Click here for adding 1 number game

                            Click here for subtracting 1 game                             Click here for subtracting 1 game                                                        

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Growth Mindset

At Middleforth we encourage our children to develop a growth mindset rather than a fixed one. Find out more below.

Click here to find out more about Growth Mindset

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Forest School

In Reception Class we are lucky enough to visit Forest School every week.

What is the Early Years Foundation Stage?

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This half term's class newsletter

This half term's learning


What is the Early Year's Foundation Stage?

EYFS Statutory Framework - The Early Learning Goals

These are the Goals we asses the children on at the end of Reception Class based on observations from throughout the year.