Collective Worship

At Middleforth Church of England Primary School worship is at the heart of daily life.  Worship usually takes place on school premises but from time to time certain services will be held at St Leonard’s Church. Worship may not be held at the same time each day and may also take place in Key Stages or in classes. However, in general, following registration, the school day begins with an act of worship involving both staff, children and, at least once a week, parents and members of the local community. It has been our vision that children lead worship as much as possible and this is an area which we hope to continue to develop.  Worship is lead by the Head Teacher, Senior Management Team, members of the teaching team, classes, the clergy and guest visitors.

We seek to celebrate our children’s individuality and provide them with a safe, supportive and happy place within which to thrive and develop with a deeper knowledge and understanding of God’s love for them.  As Middleforth is a church school we aim to provide our children with an experience of Christian life and worship.  However, throughout school we are aware, recognise and respect the faiths of all others.  We believe that we should develop the spirituality of all children whether they are of Christian faith, other faiths or of no faith.  This ensures that we can all respectfully understand the beliefs of each other and develop a mutual respect for everyone.

Collective worship rotas:
Autumn B
Autumn A